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Targeting Growth Opportunities - Gel Group


Based in Perth, Gel Group has been ideally positioned to benefit from the booming WA economy. Gel Group specialises in recruiting for accounting and finance, information technology, business support services, government and professional and executive with a 60/40 split of contract versus permanent recruiting. Last year 76% of its private sector revenue came from clients either directly in mining and resources or from supporting industries.

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Opportunities and Diversification - Locher and Associates


Human capital solutions provides increased revenue opportunities and diversification for Rubicor.
Organisation Development (OD) has been a major focus for Adelaide-based Locher since its inception over a decade ago. Today it accounts for almost half its earnings.

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Gaulter Russell - Strong leadership = strong performance

Gaulter Russell is one of Rubicor’s key businesses in New Zealand, with a well-established reputation in the field of Sales and Marketing recruitment services. In a people and relationship-driven business, the Company’s response to the GFC was to trim costs and improve efficiencies without impacting service delivery or the quality of its employees. Its strong performance in this financial year has proven the merits of this approach.

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Supply Clusters - winning business the Rubicor way


Founded in 1995, Supply Clusters has over 140 active members, many of whom are among the top 500 companies in Australia. Supply Clusters aggregates volumes of commonly purchased items and services for member companies Australia wide. Members then purchase directly from suppliers utilising the aggregated tendered contracts.

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