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» Why was Rubicor formed?

A group of individuals saw an opportunity to aggregate boutique ‘best of breed’ recruitment firms in the expectation that the combined group would be better than the sum of its parts.

» What factors allow Rubicor to respond to industry changes?
The nimbleness of its brands, combined with head office support from Rubicor, identifying risks and challenges and developing strategies to deal with them quickly and effectively.
» When will Rubicor be free of its vendor payments?
For the large part, end 2014.
» What does Rubicor do?

Rubicor provides permanent, contract and temporary recruitment services to employers and candidates, primarily in the Asia Pacific, across a diverse range of industry sectors, candidate types and geographies. It also provides human capital solutions to employers.

» How does the multi-brand strategy work in practice?

Each brand relies upon its expertise, market profile and client relationships, and to some extent co-branding with sibling brands within Rubicor. For employers, the benefit is to deal with a brand with whom they are familiar supported by the depth of capability from Rubicor; and to have the opportunity to engage with like-minded specialist recruiters from sibling brands to ultimately provide a comprehensive whole-of-business recruitment service.

» Is there synergy among Rubicor’s brands?
Yes, there is a cohesiveness across the businesses with sharing of talent and the leveraging of experience and knowledge.
» How can Rubicor grow its business in future?

Most significantly via organic growth through geographic expansion, and where an acquisition opportunity arises in an area that falls within Rubicor’s strategic goals.

» What are the key benefits of investing in Rubicor

An opportunity to invest in a company with a range of attributes including specialist recruitment expertise, the benefits of a large scale and established corporate, diversified operations and earnings base, and a management team with significant recruitment industry expertise.

» What are the key risks in investing in Rubicor?
An inability to recruit and train key personnel, a prolonged downturn in the employment market, the loss of key contracts, damage to brand name, material interruptions to IT services, increased competition and liability for the actions of contract staff.
» How can further information be obtained?
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