Recruitment consultants often get a bad rap, but do they deserve it? Are they hungry sharks circling vulnerable businesses, just waiting for the right moment to strike and take a big chomp out of their wallets? Are they pied pipers luring unsuspecting job seekers on a fruitless journey, simply so they can flesh out their candidate databases and impress their clients?


They’re extreme analogies to be fair, but they’re not far off the mark from some of the descriptions I’ve heard thrown at recruiters; but like any other service provider you’ve got your good guys and your bad guys and it’s incredibly important to remember that they’re not all cut from the same cloth. As Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster says – one of these things is not like the other thing!


The good guys want to do their very best by you, prove their mettle and deliver great customer service ensuring your recruitment problems are solved, they make your recruitment problem their problem; whereas the bad guys just want to do the bare minimum amount of work, raid your piggy bank for every piece of loose change and then bolt before you realise you’ve been fleeced.


Ultimately the customer experience is what makes or breaks a business and it’s no different for recruitment agencies. A good recruiter will clearly explain their processes, fee structures and service offerings to you right at the get-go and they will work with you to ensure your expectations of them are in line with what they can realistically and reasonably achieve. They won’t lead you on a merry path to ruin and disappointment.


The mismatch between what is expected and what is possible for a recruiter to deliver is one of the biggest pain points I’ve come across from both the client side and the candidate side. So, it’s vital that all parties involved do their very best to be fair and reasonable, and to meet in the middle in terms of what they need from each other, in order to make the recruitment process as smooth and  as successful as possible. 


Longevity in the market and a high staff tenure are also good indicators that your recruitment agency will bring their a-game and do right by you. Toxic work cultures and poor business practices will quickly drive away even the most dedicated and motivated recruitment consultants.


We’re passionate about “exciting our customers” here at Gaulter Russell Numero and coupled with our 25+ years’ specialist experience in recruiting sales, marketing, finance, accounting and supply chain roles, a net promoter score of 73.8 (compared to the wider industry average of minus 25), and an average staff tenure of 5.5 years, it’s safe to say that we’re one of the good guys.


Written by Alisa Moore, Research & Community Manager at Gaulter Russell Numero, a Rubicor Company.