General Manager, Gaulter Russell Numero

Bob Walker.


I have the privilege of leading (in my unbiased view!) the best recruitment business in New Zealand. The dedication, passion and commitment of the team are unrivalled in my experience and is what defines us as a company.

My role is a mixture of operational management and client development and allows me to work alongside the leaders of a huge variety of organisations. At the heart of my role is a determination to deliver the best possible outcome to our clients every time they engage with us.

I have worked in the recruitment industry for over 20 years and spent my formative years with two of the UK’s leading sales and marketing recruiters, before moving to New Zealand and joining Gaulter Russell in 2006.

Spare time is limited with two young children although when I get a moment I am out on the water paddle-boarding. Aside from that I am an enthusiastic though slow runner, a budding amateur chef and an avid reader.