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Whether it is a leader for today, or a leader in training, Rubicor has provided executive recruitment services to public and private organisations across the Asia Pacific for over 35 years.

Our Executive Recruitment service specialises in leadership, senior management and C-suite recruitment with a tailored end-to-end executive recruitment solution to our clients. We can help you source, identify and retain innovative and dynamic executives who will drive your organisation forward.

Our process is both science and art, utilising our extensive experience, data driven research with personality and aptitude testing to identify and engage the right candidate.

Step 1: Initial Client Meeting

The most important aspect of the hiring phase is the scoping and research phase. During this stage our Executive Search consultants will work with your team to discuss your organisation, its culture and the specifics of what you are looking for in the next executive.

The better our understanding of your organisational objectives the better we are positioned to match candidates most likely able to deliver these objectives.

Step 2: Candidate Development

Guided by your position description, our Executive Search consultants and research team will identify potential candidates during the next phase of the hiring process, leveraging our extensive data science skills and network of offices and staff throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Our objective is to interview and critically evaluate the most promising executive professionals, thereby helping to expediate the hiring process by introducing you only to candidates who have a history of executive success.

Step 3: Streamlined search experience

During this process Rubicor will work with you to identify a short list of talented and most suitable candidates. You will interview them either at our offices or your professional setting. Together we will work with you to refine this short list further for final-round interviews.

During this stage we will seek to reconfirm the short-listed candidates’ attributes against your organisational objectives and job description.

Step 4: Final interviewing stage

At the final stages of our hiring process, we will conduct full aptitude testing, and reference and regulatory checks on your finalist candidate(s).

This includes, where appropriate, using both internal and external authorities to verify credit suitability, educational qualifications, reference checks, psychological and personality testing.

Step 5: Concluding the Executive Search Hiring Process

Utilising our People and Organisational Performance skills and external partners, Rubicor will work with you to negotiate and structure a mutually beneficial remuneration package that aligns both short-term and long-term interests of all parties.

Our Executive Search specialists will stay in close contact with both sides to facilitate a smooth and timely transition and induction process.

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