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At Rubicor we are passionate about delivering on opportunities in a complex environment of legislation, market volatility and risk management. To deliver this, you need a partner with experience and depth.

Core to our managed services offering is being able to deliver measurable tangible results which protect, grow and ensure efficient operation of your business.

The core managed services functions that we can deliver include the below. However as a nimble organisation we can customise a solution to your needs no matter the size of the problem or project you need to deliver.

Our core Managed Services include:

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Rubicor partners with clients to manage the operational delivery of activities and functions that are non-core to their business. Examples include customer contact centres, data entry and processing, technical field services, venue and event management, finance and administration.

Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO)

Through our HRO services, we allow companies to focus on core business activities while our specialist HR function manages the strategic, risk and compliance activities that time pressures restrict in day-to-day activities. Generally, due to our specialisation and engagement models, we can reduce hiring costs by 25-50% through redesign of recruitment methodology and onboarding.

Managed Training Services (MTS)

Managed Training Services takes care of all administration and vendor management for company or division-wide training programs. Training and development programs require an extensive investment in time from learning and development teams to select providers.

Information Technology Outsourcing and Consulting

Implementing a new IT system can enable new business opportunities, streamline processes or replace outdated systems with limited capabilities. However, this can be labour intensive and technical – involving escalating human resource costs, a shift in focus from core business and increased costs from project delays.

Graduate Recruitment

Rubicor partners with clients from a range of industries to develop a program to effectively compete for, attract and retain emerging graduate talent. Our registered psychologist has developed a success profile to determine the skills and competencies that will help clients source the right graduate talent. Our online applications and psychometric testing are equipped to manage a high volume of candidates, while assessment centres provide additional insights into selecting the best fit for your organisation.

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