Rubicor provides its clients a full range of payrolling solutions using leading secure technology partners combined with Rubicor’s ability to offer flexible payment terms to qualified clients.

Rubicor payrolling can form a component of the Contracting and Labour Hire services, or as a standard alone service.

The features of Rubicor payrolling solutions includes:

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    Employee Onboarding & Compliance

    Present your compliance and onboarding documents and/or videos to new employees when they log in to ensure 100% compliance. Store acceptances and auto update when needed.

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    Employee Self Service

    Employees can manage their own personal data 24/7 including tax, banking, super, timesheets, expenses, leave, and even sign off on compliance documents, from any web browser.

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    Highly configurable timesheets for employees that need them. Our timesheets support multiple jobs, projects, shifts, allowances, mileage, breaks, leave and expenses.

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    Pay Conditions

    Configure rules for EBA's, awards, overtime, meal breaks, allowances and public holidays. Your employees' timesheets are then automatically interpreted against the defined rules.

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    Load your own list of expense categories, allow your employees to attach receipts, and customise the approval process. Expense data is then automatically pushed through to payroll. Expense management couldn't be easier.

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    Taxes, Super, & Insurance

    Automatically calculate PAYG, multi-state payroll taxes and workplace insurances. Auto notify your employees to ensure compliance with Superstream, then process Super payments online.

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