People and Organisational Performance


Rubicor works alongside its clients to help them lead, grow, innovate, operate and protect their organisations.

To support these objectives we provide traditional human resources services including executive recruitment, recruitment, contracting, labour hire, payrolling and time and attendance management along with managed services.

Having a great service or product may not be enough to have a successful business. Rubicor fills the role of attracting great people to your organisation, and assisting with onboarding, engaging and retaining key staff. 

Rubicor have been providing consulting support to assist clients transform their organisations, support the organisation and their HR teams as they transition and assess and grow their people to maximise performance.

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To achieve this, we provide the following consultant and project based services:

Organisational Design

Organisations need alignment between structure, culture, systems and processes to optimise performance of the organisation.

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Employee Engagement

Rubicor partners with you, your employees and external experts to measure and improve employee engagement. We realise as should you that engaged employees are high performing employees.

Customer Engagement

Rubicor partners with you to independently seek and analyse feedback from your customers to improve your engagement with customers and the staff behaviours that drive this.

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Psychometric Assessments

Rubicor provides clients with access to a wide array of published and reliable psychometric assessment tools, scrutinised by our registered psychologists to provide insights to enhance decision making for the recruitment, development and retention of staff.

Process for Psychometric Assessment Packages

Psycholometric Assessment Packages 

Data Rich Assessments

Rubicor provides clients with data rich assessment and selection programs utilising assessment centre methodologies. These include experiential exercises enabling observation of behaviour in varying situations and instrumentation that helps organisations better understand the people they have or are considering hiring.

Envisaging the Future

Rubicor can help your organisation establish or reset your vision for the future. We have processes to assist you to explore, map and manage change and create alignment between organisational objectives and the culture of your workforce.

Culture Competence Assessment

Rubicor can help your organisation with cultural competence assessments to create better alignment between organisational objectives and the culture of your workforce.

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Leadership and Team Development

Rubicor can create tailored programs to assist the development of leadership and/or team performance of your people. These programs may have a combination of experiential indoor and outdoor activities and instrumentation.

Coaching and Mentoring Programs

Rubicor can match key talent with experienced coaches and mentors to further enhance the performance of your stars. Delivered via face to face or online.

Talent Management Systems

Leveraging our traditional recruitment skills, Rubicor can create and implement recruitment strategies and talent management systems to help organisations maximise their HR resources.

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Build Employee Value Proposition

No longer a set of buzz words, employee value propositions are critical to attracting critical skills and retaining talent. Rubicor can help build these.

Graduate Recruitment

Rubicor partners with clients from a range of industries to develop a program to effectively compete for, attract and retain emerging graduate talent. Our registered psychologist has developed a success profile to determine the skills and competencies that will help clients source the right graduate talent. Our online applications and psychometric testing are equipped to manage a high volume of candidates, while assessment centres provide additional insights into selecting the best fit for your organisation.

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