Time & Attendance Management


A poorly managed workforce is costly to any business and our experience suggests that this can often go unnoticed.

To assist Customers to manage this we offer a complete time and attendance management system. Through our on-wall biometric clocks, geozoned app and online timesheet system we can help businesses manage their onsite workforce.

Our system takes timekeeping online. With the simple press of a finger, tap of an app or click of an online clock in or out register. This is stored live into the cloud portal and available for immediate viewing. Pair this with the scheduling tools and payrolling tools, this provides meaningful productivity and performance improvements for our clients.

You stay in control of your costs with Rubicor time and attendance management. Through the daily management of time you can be sent a report outlining your daily spend. This report is one of the many reports that help give you the insight you need to run your business.

Spending hours approving timesheets?

With Rubicor time and attendance you are provided a login to the online system. Here you can track hours, review timesheets and do your weekly approvals. To simplify this, we can highlight exceptions that should be reviewed before approval.

Finally, are you paying for people to be late?

With paper timesheets you can’t always record accurate attendance, with our time and attendance system you can. At the commencement and end of each shift you’ll have a full report of everyone who was started late or finished early.

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