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Rubicor has been leading workforce solutions for more than 20 years. Our labour hire model allows us to supply suitable staff on demand to assist with fluctuating demands, projects and large workforces.

Our labour hire service is tried and tested with some of Australia’s largest businesses. We follow a simple hiring process that allows us to ensure attention to detail and a quick response to hiring requests.

Labour hire never stops and that’s why Rubicor offers a 24/7 recruitment service – it’s unlike anything else in the industry. We have a team of dedicated staff who work day and night ensuring that when you need staff we’re here to provide it.

Our labour hire service is more than just people; we provide an uncompromising attitude to safety. This begins in the pre-hire process, moves through to inductions and is then maintained with our on-site safety service.

The commercial approach to labour hire is often the key element for clients, and Rubicor understands that. Our leadership team is experienced in finding solutions that provide overall customer benefit and savings without compromising on quality.

Our workforce management system is accredited under ISO9001:2008 and AS/NZS 4801. These certifications and regular external audits reflect our commitment to legislative and regulatory compliance and continuous improvement across workforce sourcing, selection, payroll and ongoing management.

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