Corporate Governance


The Rubicor Board is responsible for ensuring that Rubicor has an appropriate corporate governance structure to ensure the creation, protection and enhancement of shareholder value. This requires that appropriate accountability and control systems are in place.

The Board endorses each of the ASX Corporate Governance Council's Principles and Recommendations (ASX Principles). In response to the ASX Principles, Rubicor publicly discloses each of its corporate governance tools. This Corporate Governance section exemplifies Rubicor's commitment to corporate governance.

At Rubicor the Board maintains and ensures that Rubicor management maintains the highest level of corporate ethics. As such, the various charters, policies and codes located under this Corporate Governance section will be reviewed, and where necessary, updated, on a regular basis.

Since the Board currently comprises three Directors, for governance and practical purposes the Audit and Risk Management Committee, Remuneration and Human Resources Committee and Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee each have ceased to operate effective 24 September 2015 and all Committee functions and responsibilities will be undertaken by the Board as a whole.

Charters (for up to the year ended 30 June 2015)

Board Charter – adopted on 24 September 2015

Code of Conduct and Policies

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