Wellbeing and Rewards


Rubicor is committed to developing and supporting our employees, candidates and the employees of our clients to ensure they are both engaged and rewarded in their work. 

We realise that work is only one element of an employee’s life and that there are many other things that they gain fulfillment from. Rubicor provides a Reward and Wellbeing Program as part of our Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

What comprises an EVP?

There is a range of attributes that comprise an Employee Value Proposition.

  • Rewards, including:

    • Incentive schemes

    • Health benefits

    • Retirement advice

    • Vacation and flexible working hours

  • Opportunity,including:

    • Development Opportunity

    • Future Career Opportunity

    • Growth

    • Meritocracy

    • Stability


  • Organisation, including:

    • Customer Prestige

    • Empowerment

    • Environmental Responsibility

    • Ethics & Integrity

    • Formality of Work Environment

    • “Great Employer” recognition

    • Inclusion/Diversity

    • Industry Desirability

    • Market Position

    • Organisation Size

    • Product/Service Quality

    • Respect

    • Risk Taking

    • Social Responsibility

    • Technology Level

    • Well-Known Product Brand

  • People, including:

    • Camaraderie

    • Collegial Work Environment

    • Coworkers Quality

    • Manager Quality

    • People Management

    • Senior Leadership Reputation

  • Work, including:

    • Business Travel

    • Innovative Work

    • Job Interest Alignment

    • Level of Impact

    • Location

    • Recognition

    • Work – Life Balance


Why is Employee Wellbeing important to Us, Our Clients and why it should be important to you? 

AMP, PwC and Mercer found that financial wellbeing is important for the following reasons:


Of Australian employees are “financially stressed”

6.9 hours lost

Per week due to poor productivity as a result of financial stress

4 days lost

Per year due to sick leave taken as a result of financial stress

What Reward and Wellbeing can we provide you?

Through its select partners, Rubicor is able to co-ordinate and provide a range of rewards and wellbeing initiatives. These may include:

Salary Packaging

Salary Packaging can be a tax effective way to increase your superannuation or to enable you to pay for work related expenses including novated car leases and work equipment.

Financial and Mortgage Advice

Through Rubicor’s partnership with Cashel House, Rubicor can assist you with accelerating your financial wellbeing. This includes assisting employees with complementary financial planning and debt advice so as to enable employees to maintain focus during work hours on their work activities.

Life Insurance

Often default superannuation fund’s have some form of life and other personal insurance. Often these are not appropriate for the individual, through Rubicor’s partnership with Cashel House, Rubicor can assist you with access to the most appropriate insurance.

Health Insurance

Health is a critical component to any employees ability to perform, yet many are without private health insurances. Rubicor through its partners can assist employees to review and procure health insurances suited to them.

Superannuation and Retirement Planning

Superannuation is a highly tax effective way of growing wealth to support your lifestyle in retirement. Unfortunately many employees leave it too late. Through retirement planning, Rubicor’s partners can assist with linking career planning with wealth and retirement planning.

Education and Training

Education and training is important to ensure that you are current with both changing technology and strategic thinking. Rubicor can assist in arranging or providing this training.  

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