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Rubicor Professional consolidates 70 years of combined staffing solutions experience under one roof. Bringing the family of brands together creates efficiencies for our clients, and access to a wider range of HR services and innovation.

Building dream careers with more than a database

Building relationships means a network of candidates who’ll always take your call. The networks we’ve cultivated over years deliver quick turnarounds for clients. We have exclusive registrations based on solid personal referrals – the pick of the bunch trust us to find their next career move and build dream careers.

Perfect matches not filling a seat

We’re not a CV service, our recruitment goes further. Knowing our clients and our candidates means we represent both effectively in a competitive market. Solid relationships deliver recruitment and HR services that are a perfect fit.

Together, we’re stronger. 

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how we got here

Rubicor Professional was formed in 2017 through the merging of four iconic Rubicor brands: Apsley Recruitment, SMF Recruitment, Credit Recruitment and Dolman. These brands offer clients and candidates over 70 years of combined experience in the professional recruitment space.

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